Indirect Tax Laws - GST , Customs & FTP

Old as well as New syllabus CA Final
  • Lectures in English Language wholly as well as in English-Hindi Mixed Language also
  • Lectures taken as per ICAI Study Material and Bare Act
  • Total 100 Hours Lectures
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Table of Content of Video Lecture

Part -1GST

Chapter 1: GST in India – An Introduction

Chapter 2: Taxable event - Supply

Chapter 3: Charge of GST

Chapter 4: Exemptions from GST

Chapter 5: Place of Supply

Chapter 6: Time of Supply

Chapter 7: Value of Supply

Chapter 8: Input Tax Credit

Chapter 9: Registration

Chapter 10: Tax Invoice, Credit and Debit Notes

Chapter 11: Accounts and Records

Chapter 12: Payment of Tax

Chapter 13: Returns

Chapter 14: Refunds

Chapter 15: Job Work

Chapter 16: Electronic Commerce

Chapter 17: Assessment and Audit

Chapter 18: Inspection, Search, Seizure and Arrest

Chapter 19:     Demands and Recovery

Chapter 20:     Liability to Pay Tax in Certain Cases

Chapter 21:     Offences and Penalties

Chapter 22:     Appeals and Revision

Chapter 23:     Advance Ruling

Chapter 24:     Miscellaneous Provisions

Chapter 25:     Transitional Provisions

Part -2 Customs & FTP

Chapter 1:     Levy of and Exemptions from Customs Duty
Unit I-Introduction to Customs Law
Unit-II -Levy and Exemptions

Chapter 2:         Types of Duty

Chapter 3:     Classification of Imported and Export Goods

Chapter 4: Valuation under the Customs Act, 1962

Chapter 5:     Importation, Exportation and Transportation of Goods
Unit I-Provisions Relating to Imported and Export Goods
Unit II-Provisions Relating to Coastal Goods

Chapter 6:     Warehousing

Chapter 7:    Duty Drawback

Chapter 8:     Demand and Recovery

Chapter 9:       Refund

Chapter 10:   Provisions Relating to Illegal Import, Illegal Export, Confiscation, Penalty & Allied Provisions
Unit I - Provisions Relating to Prohibited/ Notified/ Specified Goods & Illegal Importation/Exportation of Goods
Unit II - Searches, Seizure and Arrest Unit III –Confiscation & Penalties Unit IV – Offences and Prosecution

Chapter 11:   Appeals and Revision

Chapter 12:   Settlement Commission

Chapter 13:   Advance Ruling

Chapter 14:   Miscellaneous Provisions

Chapter 15:   Foreign Trade Policy
Unit I – Introduction to FTP
Unit II – Basic Concepts relating to Export Promotion Schemes under FTP
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2. Whole Lectures in Mixed English-Hindi Language done as per Bare Act in regular batch as well as crash batch 


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